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Our Mission at ‘Lunatic Clown And Cie’ is to transport the audience in an imaginary box to share a simple heartfelt story with eccentricity, folly and expressions.

The mother company of Ludovic Coutaud Productions was born in New York City and founded in June 2017. The company has already travelled the world with its ‘Lunatic Clown Style’ in New York City, France, Japon, Mexico, London and many other wonderful places. With original plays, classes, web series, artistic director Ludovic Coutaud spreads his most cherished values and passion for the Arts.
His worked thrived with various successful productions on the Broadway Stages.
Big or small, the Lunatic Clown Pieces, each time, defend a very specific engaged message targeting everyone. His original plays are gathered in his book ‘A Lively Journey Through Plays’ available for purchase on Amazon, Lulu Bookstore and Bookelis
Lunatic Clown is indeed Ludovic Coutaud, you can find all official production pictures and videos here:

‘One Day, a series of original short plays’ in 2012

‘The Self-fish(es)’ in 2013


For Further Vibrant pictures, visit the Official Instagram page: @lunaticclownandcie

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